Noreen is a power house! Right away her positive energy really got me motivated and moving. Noreen joyfully provided the perfect amounts of insight, leadership, direction and support to help me on my journey to have a more rewarding career. I am very grateful to her for the work we did together and the things that I learned from her guidance. You cannot go wrong with Noreen on your side!

Freya Tamayo

StudioFreya, LLC

Noreen gives her full attention and listens to what you are saying – present and there for you. She has asked questions to challenge my thinking and progress. She checks in on my progress. She brings out your best qualities. She does all that in a fun, relaxed way and you feel safe sharing with her.

Claire Igot

Grant Analyst at NYC Department of Small Business Services

Noreen is an excellent career and life coach who has helped me transition to a new self employment opportunity. She has helped me to think through what is important in my new business venture and has helped me to gain the confidence to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Noreen to help you achieve your goals and dreams as she is fantastic at what she does.

Kathy McLaughlin

Member of Circuit Courier, LLC

My life coaching sessions with Noreen provided me with mental tools and new perspectives on how to “act on” achieving personal and professional goals. Noreen has given me clarity on certain areas of my life that needed to be attended to in order for me to create personal well being. Although it feels therapeutic in that it allows me to express myself, it does not create emotional heaviness by focusing on the past. My Life Coach is teaching me about movement forward and doing what I can in the present to create personal peace and attain my goals. Noreen holds me accountable and as simple as that may sound, sometimes that’s all we need to start moving. I am thankful she has given me this gift and I hope to continue to learn from her and be proactive in setting the course for a happy, healthy and creative life.

Alison O’Brien Muff

Photo Researcher at Dinardo Designs

I would like to recommend Noreen Butler for her Personal Coaching expertise. I have known Noreen for 6 years and have been amazed at what she has accomplished. She has helped me both professionally and personally. She has encouraged me to take risks and go outside of my comfort zone. She has also helped me find a better way to balance my career goals and my personal passions. Noreen finds the best way to draw out of you your strengths and will help you to relate them back to how you can accomplish your goals. This is especially true when you become overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. She shows you how you can break them up into smaller pieces and attack them one at a time. I am grateful for all of her support and guidance. If you find yourself in need of a personal coach, I highly recommend Noreen.

Belinda Foreman

Lead Manager, Customer Communications at AXA Equitable