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Revive your resume

Are you struggling to get interviews for the best PM Jobs?

You’re good enough for the jobs, yet you can’t get past the screening process.  You’re frustrated.  You’ve changed your resume a few times and things haven’t improved.

It’s not your fault.

They don’t teach you how to be a marketer in school and getting hired is all about marketing yourself.  If you’re nodding your head as you read this, we have the solution.

The Revive Your Resume Program is the simplest way to copy/paste your skills to a resume that can sit alongside the resumes of 6-figure PM’s.

After just 30 minutes of work, this proven template will reposition you as a valuable candidate and get you into the “yes” pile.

In fact, if you start now you could have your resume on the desk of recruiters by tomorrow.

Imagine what it would be like to submit your resume for a position and have the recruiter on the phone within an hour.

For the past several years, Manhattan based Project Manager Noreen Butler has climbed the PM career ladder and achieved the coveted “6-Figure PM” title.  Now you can take advantage of her expertise combined with that of New York’s top Project Management recruiters to transform your resume.

What You Get

  • Professional Template Positions You as a Valuable Candidate – You’ll present yourself in the best way that will tell recruiters and employers that you’re an “A-player”
  • Simple Copy & Paste from Your Existing Resume Process – Spend less time on your resume and more time getting interviewed so you’ll get promoted sooner.
  • About Me Builder Develops a Powerful Positioning Statement– Craft a compelling career story that communicates why your credibility and value.
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CNN Says Your Resume Has One Minute
To Impress HR Managers

According to a CNN survey, 38% of human resource managers say they spend one to two minutes reviewing a new application, while 17% spend less than one minute.

That means your resume has to catch the recruiters attention immediately.The Revive Your Resume is based on the actual template used by Noreen and her clients to get past the gate keeper, and get hired at companies such as AXA, Symantec (Norton Anti-Virus), Guardian Life Insurance, Hiscox Small Business Insurance and many more.

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up

  • Access to The Revive Your Resume Members Area

    Where Noreen will guide you through the entire process via video training.  You’ll learn how to turn your experience into credibility, transform your achievements into power statements and replace “corporate speak” with persuasive language that communicates your value.

  • The Revive Your Resume Workbook

    Your downloadable workbook that will help you plan and create your new “Results Resume” that will get your resume into the Yes pile and get you in front of recruiters.

  • Access To The 6-Figure PM Resume Template

    Download and then type the answers from your workbook directly into the document. Save it and send it to recruiters and wait for the phone to ring.



And just to sweeten the deal, for the first 50 people to join The Revive Your Resume program, I’ll even check your resume over for you once it’s done and give you some feedback before it makes its debut in the world.

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Who is Noreen Butler?

Noreen is a seasoned Certified Project Manager professional, New York PMI Chapter Volunteer and Professional Certified Life and Career Coach and graduate of the iPEC Coaching Certification.With over 25 years as a Senior PM at companies like Symantec, AXA Equitable, New York Life, and Guardian Life Insurance. Noreen knows what it takes to reach the top of the PM career ladder.

Noreen is a graduate of Pace Business School and has also completed her Project Management, Six Sigma and Certified Scrum Master certifications.

How Much Does it Cost?

You get all of this for free! That’s correct, no cost.  

How often do you get a free offer to help you have recruiters and employers lining up to interview you for the prime jobs in project management.

Think about the opportunities you’re missing out on each day that you submit your existing resume.

And be sure to move fast as I only have capacity to review resumes for the first 50 customers.

Once those 50 have been taken, that’s it – there won’t be another chance to get the resume review bonus.

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P.S The Revive Your Resume program transforms your resume into a compelling case for interviewing you that’s worked at companies like AXA, New York Life Insurance and Symantec.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Revive Your Resume?

The Revive Your Resume is the way to turn your project management resume into a high paying job magnet.  In this video training, Noreen will teach you how to position your career story into a compelling case, that has recruiters and employers lining up to interview you.

The accompanying workbook helps you record your answers as you work through the video program.

Lastly, the “6-Figure PM Template” is where you transfer your rewritten content into a specific format that’s designed to showcase your strengths and highlight your value to potential employers.

Do I need any special technology or other tools?

Nope.  If you can access this website you’ve got everything you need.  The videos are on our members pages (just like watching on YouTube) and the documents are in Word and PDF formats.  If you don’t have Microsoft Office you can open them with the free Open Office programs.

How long does it take to transform my resume?

It depends on how quickly you work through the video training.  We recommend you take your time and do a great job rather than rushing through the training.

Most people take anywhere from 2 hours to a day.

Regardless of how long it takes, the small time investment is well worth it to get many more interviews offered to you as soon as next week.

How long will it take to access The Revive Your Resume program?

You’ll get instant access.

Once you’ve completed check out, we’ll email you your personal username and password to access The Revive Your Resume program.

Your access will be available 24/7 365 so you can log in and access the content wherever in the world you are, at whatever time.

How does the bonus resume review work?

It’s simple.  Once you’ve finished the program and you’ve got your final revived resume, simple email it to me at noreen [@] and Noreen will personally review it.

Noreen will either give you the thumbs up or give you a few pointers of how to tweak your resume to make it really powerful.

Revive your resume April 24, 2017