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Are you feeling satisfied with your job? If not, you are not alone.

Most people have moments of frustration with their jobs. But if you’ve been unhappy for a long period of time, it’s unhealthy– and more important than ever to think about making a career transition.

Many people want to make the transition but find themselves stuck and unable to break free of their current circumstances.

Have you convinced yourself that you won’t be able to find a job that pays as well?

Have you found yourself worrying that you won’t be qualified for other work?

Have you told yourself that with the economy you are lucky to have a job at all?

Unhappiness at work is a common problem faced by so many.

When you lack fulfillment at work, you are less productive, less healthy, and more often than not, you become miserable in general.

Ask yourself…why do you tolerate it?

Are You Not Moving Forward Because You Doubt Yourself?

It’s easy to be complacent.  Sometimes no change seems like the right answer. You tell yourself that you’re happy to have a job.  But, the truth is.... what does it really cost you by staying with the status quo?

Grateful is good…not living up to your potential is not.

Career Success Path Program Teaches You How To Find Out What Really Matters Most So You Find A Career That Transforms Your Life

Let Noreen Show You How to Take the Journey of Self Discovery to Your Career Success

Hello, I’m Noreen Butler and I’ve been a professional leader in the corporate world for many years. I’ve walked the path from newly qualified employee to an Assistant Vice President, Program Leader and most recently an Entrepreneur.  I know what it takes to move through the stages of your career transition successfully, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with professionals who want to make that career transition but not sure how to get started.

I’ve had some incredible success throughout my career which is why I can show you how to succeed…

Secured High Paying Jobs at Big Global Companies – Such as AXA Equitable,  Symantec (Norton Antivirus) and Guardian Life Insurance.

Rose to Assistant Vice President at AXA Equitable for Retail Annuity Retirement Services Division.

Developed Junior employees and Mentored Them Throughout Their Careers.

Thrived at Taking on New Teams and Getting Them Performing Quickly .

I initially thought the most important thing was to focus soley on  your qualifications. I’m a Certified Project Manager and Change Manager, which was important in my profession.

The truth is -- that’s not all it takes to bring you fulfillment.

Over time, I knew that my deepest passion has always been my desire to mentor and support others, so I qualified as a Professional Certified Life and Career Coach and completed my career coaching certification at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC).

My coaching experience has given me the opportunity to work with some great people, and it’s even led to me being on TV with Kevin L. McCrudden who has worked with the US Government and Congress.

Your Career Transition Starts Now

What would it feel like to walk into the office feeling excited about the work you’re doing?

Can you visualize how your life would be different?

Those feelings are possible for you too.

If you want to experience this in your life, then you simply need to decide and then plan.

It’s typically the planning that’s the most difficult and not knowing what to do creates doubt and compromise, which keeps you where you are.

I’m going to share My Career Success Path program with you that I’ve used to secure multiple corporate jobs that helped me expand my career opportunities time and time again.

This same plan has been used by many of my clients, and it can help you find that high paying job that also brings you fulfillment.

I’ve summarized all my knowledge about finding a winning career into the most comprehensive career success program with sustainable results.

Here’s what’s inside:

Module 1 – 10 Videos

Theme: Self Awareness

Noreen welcomes you to the program and gives you an overview of what to expect in the modules to come.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How To Define Your Natural Talents

  • How To Manage Your Work Life Balance

  • How To Summarize Your Professional Achievements

  • How To Highlight Your Professional Competencies

  • How To Become More Aware of Your Personal Values

  • How To Be Mindful of Your Personal Work Style

  • How To Identify Your Most Critical Challenges

  • How To Identify Development Opportunities

  • How You Define Leadership

Module 2 – 8 Videos

Theme: - Establishing Your Personal Objectives

Module 2 is where we start to think deeply about what it is you want.  You might have tried to do this in the past and struggled, but Noreen will help you to gain clarity on the specific career opportunity that you are looking for and what it is you want to experience.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to Overcome Work Challenges

  • How to Determine What You Like About Your Current Position

  • How to Create Your Vision Statement

  • How to Identify Best Practices for Developing Professional Relationships

  • How to Discover Your Ideal Position

Module 3 – 9 Videos

Theme: Prepare For Your Career Search

Module 3 is the final stage before the “rubber hits the road”. You’ll make sure you’ve done your homework (as effectively but effortlessly as possible) so you’re filled with confidence as you walk into the interview room.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How To Avoid Common Career Search Obstacles

  • How To Identify Key Components For Your Career Search

  • How To Research Industry Trends

  • How To Identify Target Companies

  • How To Establish Your Personal Brand

  • How To Prepare For Interviews

Module 4 – 7 Videos

Theme: Implement Your Career Search

Module 4 is where you leap into action. You’ve done the groundwork and now that hard work pays off  as you get ready for success.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How To Navigate Your Career Search

  • How To Connect With Hiring Managers

  • What To Look For On Company Websites

  • How To Leverage LinkedIn For Your Job Search

  • How To Identify Career Research Resources

  • How To Prepare For Your Job Interview

  • How To Negotiate The Best Offer

Module 5 – 1 Video

Theme: How To Transition To Your New Position

Now that you’ve secured the job you want, you might think there’s nothing else to do. This module helps you close your current chapter and kick off your new chapter on the right foot.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Part 1 – How to Prepare for Your Career Change

  • Part 2 – How to Prepare Your Entry Strategy for Your New Career

  • Part 3 – How to seize your new opportunity and impress your new employer the First 90 Days

All upside and no downside whatsoever.

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Your Career Ladder?

If you’re ready to finally take that next step with an experienced seasoned professional and mentor holding your hand along the way, then the time is now.

Hit the order button below, and we can start in just a few minutes.

I promise you this program has the power to change your life, and I’d be delighted to help you achieve everything you deserve.

See you on the other side!

Career Success Path February 10, 2017