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Exploring Your Core Values

Today I was thinking again, as I often do, about the importance of being in touch with core values.

When I ask people this simple question – “What Are Your Core Values”, I must smile at some of the reactions I get. Many people are naturally so busy, that it is so easy to forget how important it is to stay in touch with what truly matters most. Somewhere along the way, many people just get further and further away from living and enjoying life and in time, loose focus on what really matters most.  I have heard numerous stories of burn out, exhaustion, stress and other various health related issues.

Because staying in touch with my core values has impacted my life in so many ways, I thought I’d take a moment and share a funny story. It happened just the other day. I was talking to a gentleman on the train ride home, and he started to share about how the commute can sometimes be a drag, etc. We both started laughing about how crazy it feels to have to take an adventure every day just to get to and from work.

After a short while, I started sharing how I learned how to shift my energy and thoughts about my commute by getting in touch with my core values.

This caused a reaction and he asked, “Well what do you mean exactly?” So, I said, “well here is how I see it. I think life gives us a chance each day to make a choice. For example, recently I made a big decision to move to the beach, which I love. I knew I was going to have to make some sacrifices such as dealing with a difficult commute.”

I then shared how I could change my mindset about my commute by getting in touch with my core values.

He is now smiling ear to ear and literally says, “I’m all ears” 😊

1)   So, first I shared my Fab 5 Core Values and here they are:






2)  I then shared about how I can easily shift my feelings about anything, if I remain focused on Fab Five Core Values,

3)  While I’m now either on the train or waiting for a train, I do any of the following to remain in the right mindset:

a)   Family/Friends - I get in touch with my family or friends either by phone or Facebook. I use that time to catch up with the people that matter most to me.

b)  Freedom - I remind myself that I had the freedom of choice to move to the beach, and the train was important because it still allowed me access to NYC, which is important to me both personally and professionally

c)   Fun - I thought about how sometimes the train can be fun because it does give me time to relax, watch a tv show, listen to music or meet new people, which I always enjoy.

d)  Faith – I make sure that every day on my way into the city, I start my day by listening to my daily affirmations and /or calm meditation music.

By changing my point of view, I could change what could have been, a stressful commute, to a productive way to spend 3 hours of my day.

As we reached the nice man’s train stop, he smiled and said, “Thank You – I’m going to think about this some more.”

I really enjoyed my interaction. I thought how nice it was to have had a chance to meet a nice stranger and share a bit of inspiration. That really made my day. I knew I had given him something to think about. I smiled and hoped that maybe when he got home after the long commute, he may have been feeling good as he thought about what truly matters most.

If you would like to learn more about my Fab Five Values, with the hope, that it may help you remind yourself about your own values, click here.

Have a beautiful day.

Best wishes,


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